Activate Learning students work alongside Jennifer Young on a Beauty Despite Cancer project

Beauty therapy students at Banbury and Bicester College and Guildford College are working alongside Beauty Despite Cancer founder, Jennifer Young on an exciting virtual project.

Beauty therapy students at Banbury and Bicester College and Guildford College are working alongside Beauty Despite Cancer founder, Jennifer Young on an exciting virtual project.

This unique project aims to equip Level 3 students at Activate Learning with the knowledge they need to work with clients who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Through self-study, students are learning about high-risk cross infection, the effects of chemotherapy and how to work with vulnerable clients. This work will form part of their project-based learning for the academic year.

Denise Porter, Beauty Therapy tutor at Banbury and Bicester College, said: “This has been a good way to expand our beauty therapy students’ knowledge about cancer treatments and how it impacts on our clients lives.

“The qualification also covers key health and safety issues which relate to COVID-19 and best practice within salons.”

Charlene Nicholls, Beauty Therapy tutor at Guildford College, said: “Incorporating employer led projects is a great way to build learner knowledge and understanding of industry requirements and how to build treatments around specific clients’ needs in an industry that has been greatly affected by COVID-19.

“Jennifer Young has provided an exciting learning platform for our learners to build their knowledge on how to protect themselves and clients in a post-Covid world and how to stay safe within the salon.

“Learners have also completed training on cancer awareness which has broadened their understanding on how cancer treatment can affect clients currently receiving or recovering from treatment and the restrictions that make traditional treatment and products less accessible.

“This helps to build learner confidence in adapting treatment to meet individual client needs to increase their sense of wellbeing and assist in dealing with skin concerns caused by cancer treatment.”

Jennifer Young, Director at Beauty Despite Cancer, said: “I’d like to thank the students for their enthusiasm. This is a great project, and I am more than happy to support Activate Learning and the beauty industry in learning more about these specialist treatments.”

Kirstie Halligan, beauty therapy student at Banbury and Bicester College, said: “A course that is inspiring me to help others is very inspiring.”

Jade Underwood, beauty therapy student at Banbury and Bicester College said, “The course has clear information about how to help and treat clients with cancer, which is a very good way of reaching a larger clientele base.”

Rita Machado, beauty therapy student at Banbury and Bicester College, said: “The course was clearly laid out so I could learn the relevant information easily and quicker and gain a qualification in this important area. I was happy to receive my certificate this term.”

Clare Hammond, beauty therapy student at Guildford College, said: “I found the online learning easy to use and interesting helping me to understand the demands on a client’s skin when recovering from cancer treatment, as well as providing useful information on COVID-19 in the salon and how to control cross-infection.”

As part of this ongoing project, students will also offer a fundraising skincare bar to raise money for a chosen charity.

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