Developing International Sales Workshop

Improving your sales techniques when selling overseas

, Guildford College

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Britain’s exit from the European Union has opened the door for UK businesses to trade in new markets across the world but for many organisations, particularly small enterprises, getting started can be something of a daunting experience. With that in mind, the Institute of Sales Professionals is delivering a one-day session with practical advice and step-by-step guides to doing business outside the UK.

This workshop is free to delegates thanks to funding from the Department for Education.

This one-day session is being run by John Tunstall, a sales expert and founding fellow of the ISP who has more than 10 years’ experience developing international trade and has recently presented a series of acclaimed workshops to help small businesses increase their sales skills and profits while trading in the UK.
John says: “Working internationally presents a different set of challenges to working in domestic markets, particularly for SMEs, and being at a distance from your customer changes the dynamics of the relationship. Having said that, the basic steps about good selling remain the same whether you are trading at home or abroad. This new course will act as a refresher to revise and promote best-practice selling skills, but importantly it will also tackle some of the issues that businesses can face when they start to trade overseas for the first time.”

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John says: “We will be pleased to welcome any small business keen to develop new business partnerships outside the UK. Trading abroad can be difficult but often the main limitations are the way businesses set themselves up to deal with the challenges they face. This course will look at the positive benefits of overseas trade and help delegates tackle the hurdles in a systematic way which will end up making their businesses more resilient and better able to compete across international markets.”

Testimonials from recent Sales workshops.

“Very good, lots of helpful information and takeaways. Practical advice that we could implement and benefit from right away.”

“It was fantastic! I feel I can already implement some of the findings to my company. Great!”

“Very good. Initially felt worried about not understanding but was very easy to settle as the tutors were very approachable.”

“Simple, direct, easy to follow. Well put together and interactive.”

“Packed full of information. Lots of good takeaways and relatable examples. Very helpful. Came away with actionable insight and advice that will positively impact the business.”

“Gave me new and refreshed sales knowledge. Calm, friendly environment, easy to follow and shared experiences without the pressure. Very informative.”

“It’s no coincidence that I’ve won more new clients in the last three weeks than in the previous three months.”

The courses are being run in association with the Institute of Export and International Trade (IOE&IT) who are the experts in tackling regulations and dealing with red tape which may at first seem a barrier to business. The Institute of exports and international trade has lots of essential information which can be seen here: (