Esports Easter Camp at Guildford College for 9-14yrs

Esports Camp - learning and playing in a unique fun environment

, Guildford College

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About this event

Activate Learning is pleased to launch our Esports Camp, a busy day of understanding eSports, streaming, green screen, gaming and teambuilding for young people in Guildford.

We offer an engaging and educational environment for children interested in the world of gaming and game design, streaming and the use of social media channels, team building and puzzle solving as well as having some time to experience our state of the art Esports facilities.

Designed for both boys and girls, aged 9-14yrs, with any level of gaming skills.

Campers who are interested in gaming can meet and interact with their peers at our camp in a fun and secure setting. Campers can participate in an active, social, and cognitive curriculum while participating in our educational and engaging esports programs, which balance on-screen gameplay with off-screen activities to help them think critically about gaming.

We inspire young gamers to become the next generation of gamers by developing their skills in teamwork, leadership, collaboration, trust, and healthy gaming habits in a positive and supportive environment.

Activate Learning Esports Easter Camp provides campers with an experience which offers an approach based on our learning philosophy, campers will be engaged through learning which encompasses brain stimulation (enjoyment, engagement, curiosity), motivation (passion, perseverance and grit) and emotions (the positive and the negative).