Students celebrate their artistic achievements at end of year show

Creative Arts students from Guildford College celebrated their successes with friends, family at their Art and Photography Exhibition Private View on Tuesday 25 June.

The college’s photography studio and media rooms at the Stoke Park campus were turned into galleries showing works by students studying Art and Design, Photography and Media pathways.

Works on display included life drawings, paintings, mixed media pieces, models, photography, graphic design and illustration pieces .

Some of the students received a certificate to commend them for their hard work, character and perseverance while studying at the college. Tutors Kat Baddeley, Colin Zealey, Steve Moonan and Becky Armitage were delighted to present the certificates to the students in an award ceremony.

Charmian Strange, 17, from Cranleigh, is studying a Creative Practice: Art, Design and Communication Level 3 Extended Diploma and received the coveted Level 3 Year 1, ‘Student of the Year’ award for her hard work and dedication throughout the year.

Charmian’s exhibition piece was a thought-provoking comic book, ‘The Pioneer’, that she not only created the narrative for, but also digitally designed using an ipad.

She said: “I’m proud to have received this award. I wasn’t expecting it.

“I really enjoyed taking part in the exhibition. It was nice to see everyone’s work as well”.

Congratulations go to the following students who also received an award:

Level 1

  • Most Improved: Manel Casinhas-Silvestre
  • Best Final Major Project: Jayden Pankhurst Symmons
  • Student of Year: Tanzila Choudhury
  • Most Consistent: Bailey Pelling

Level 2:

  • Most Improved: Lewis Pierre
  • Best Final Major Project: Nancy McPhail
  • Student of the Year: Lewis Marsden
  • Most Consistent: Shannon Gatford Hawkins

Level 3 Year 1

  • Most improved: Nick Mathias
  • Best Final Major Project: Jaden Lawrence
  • Most Consistent: Sybil Ndunda

Level 3 Year 2

  • Most improved: Brooke Doyle
  • Best Best Final Major Project: Lucy Forbes
  • Student of the Year: Chloe Phillips
  • Most Consistent: Nevada Davies

Level 3/4 Foundation Diploma

  • Most improved: Harri Fowler
  • Best Final Major Project: Aimee Palmer
  • Most Consistent: Ellie Hoff

Outstanding achievement: Elsie Prothero


Jenna Pickering, 21, from Elstead, a Level 4 Art Foundation student, created a stunning visual representation of emotion depicted by brightly coloured fantasy figures based on her friends, to bring them to life.

Jenna’s stunning art project ‘Connecting to one another’, has been created to help visually and quickly display how people are feeling at any given time. This communicative tool aims the user to wear the interchangeable images as laminated cards on a lanyard so that they are immediately visible.

Jenna, who won the ‘Foundation Student of the Year’ award, said: “In September, I will be going to The University for the Creative Arts in Farnham to study Concept and Concept Art. Although I’m a bit nervous, I’m very excited to meet new people, take my creativity somewhere new and face new challenges.”

Kat Baddeley, Creative Arts Lecturer at Activate Learning, said: “We were delighted to welcome students and their families, Activate Learning staff, as well as some guests from the community to the private view exhibition this week.

“As always, we are delighted at the incredible level of talent from our students. It stands testament on how hard they have worked and how our staff have supported them on their creative journey during their time with us.

“It’s always a really proud time for us here at the college as we get the opportunity to show case what our fantastic students have created – something we pride ourselves in nurturing throughout the year.

“We wish all our finishing year two students well in their next endeavours and look forward to welcoming new learners to our college in September.”

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