Working in travel and tourism involves advising on and making travel arrangements for customers, as well as providing services to enhance holidaymakers’ enjoyment, comfort and safety.

Activate Learning prides itself on its relationships with local partners and as a result, you will also have the opportunity to join work experience placements in numerous organisations including hotels, transport companies, ski resorts and tourist attractions, both in the UK and abroad.

You will take part in trips and visits to organisations including hotel chains and major tourism destinations, such as Disneyland Paris.

These visits will increase your understanding of the importance of customer service and attention to detail in this service-oriented industry.

Previous students also regularly supported major local events. These kinds of projects develop excellent teamwork skills and enable you to experience the realities of working in this fast-paced and, at times, high-pressured industry.

The focus in this service-oriented industry is on customer service and attention to detail. Careers include cruise-ship steward, airline cabin crew, hotel receptionist/concierge, travel agent, and events manager, to name just a few!

England’s tourism sector is vibrant and vital, with 3.3 million people working in tourism-related businesses, of which 1.5 million are employed as a direct result of expenditure by tourists.

Industry partnerships

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